$1.6 Billion MegaMillions Jackpot Is Not Too Far with Lottosend’s Secure Online Platform

Time has come for people to pay some attention to the Mega Millions jackpot. The draw is only a day away and then there could be someone who will walk home with $1.6 billion. The biggest lottery jackpot has become an attention for people from around the world. People from other countries are looking for ways to buy MegaMillions tickets. They have lots of options but not all of those options are equally safe. The best option for most is Lottosend, a platform that thousands of customers have trusted for so long for providing a user-friendly and secure lottery ticket buying experience online.

The demand for the tickets is high as everyone wants to take a shot at winning $1.6 billion and changing their lives. While the US citizens can go to their nearby stores and purchase the tickets, online is the only way for international players to buy theirs. With Lottosend platform, these international players can have a smooth ticket purchasing experience and be a part of the race to be a billionaire. For anyone interested in buying tickets from Lottosend, here is how the process goes:

The Process to Buy MegaMillions Tickets

Selecting the Lottery

The individual interested in buying the ticket will first open the Lottosend website and locate Mega Millions lottery. There are all the great lotteries from the world available on the website. However, the ones with the biggest jackpots move up in the list, so locating Mega Millions will not be an issue. By clicking on the lottery, the players will land on the page where they can select the numbers on the play slips.

Choosing Numbers

On this page, the players will see the play slips with numbers on them. They have the option to decide how many lines they want to play. At maximum, they can play five lines at a time. The players can choose their numbers on the play slips. Clicking on the numbers selects them. However, there is the quick pick option available on top of every board. Selecting that option will generate six numbers automatically for the player. The player can click on the quick pick icon as many times as he/she likes to generate random numbers. For those playing multiple lines, the same option is available on the top for generating quick picks for all the lines simultaneously.

Deciding the Number of Draws

After selecting the number of lines and numbers, the players can decide whether they want to participate in one draw or multiple draws. The more draws a person participates in the more discount he/she receives. The option is available for a maximum of 10 draws at a time. One-time entry option is also available for those who only want to take a single shot at the history’s biggest jackpot. While taking part in multiple draws adds to the bill, the discount from Lottosend is a good savior.

Depositing Funds in the Account

At this point, the player can decide to sign up with Lottosend. This is yet another convenience for international players that they don’t have to sign up before choosing the numbers. They can have an experience of how the online ticket purchasing works before deciding to provide their personal information to the company. After signing up with the company, the player will be required to provide banking details for depositing the funds in the account. Players can use one of the many ways available for depositing funds in their accounts safely.

Buying the Ticket

Once the numbers have been selected and funds deposited, the company has to buy the ticket for the player. That’s where the real convenience of the online platform comes into the picture. The player has done what was required from him/her. It is now on the company to send one of its representatives to an authorized store to buy the ticket for the player. The company representative instantly scans the ticket and stores that information in customer’s online account. The customer can now use this information to tally the information with the drawn Mega Millions results. If the numbers match, the player can be the world’s next billionaire.

Promotions from Lottosend

Players who sign up with Lottosend to purchase their MegaMillions tickets will be glad to know about some promotions as well. Right at the time of sign up, these players can enjoy two of the best promotions available from the online lottery company. First, they can take advantage of the cash back offer which allows them to get 100% of their spent cash back at the time of purchasing the tickets. So players can actually expect to spend double the amount of money that they deposit in their account with this promotion. If they spend $20 to buy tickets, they will get the same $20 back as well, which they can spend on purchasing more tickets.

They also qualify for a first deposit bonus wherein they don’t even have to purchase the tickets to get the bonus. All they have to do is deposit funds in their account and get a bonus from the company. A small deposit of just $25 is enough for the player to get an additional $20 from the company. In the end, the player will have a total of $45 to spend on tickets. Of course, with more tickets and more lines come more chances to win the biggest lottery jackpot in the history of the US.

MegaMillions Jackpot with Lottosend

Lottosend has been serving the international community of lottery players in obtaining the tickets for the biggest lotteries in the most secure, quick, and convenient way possible. The company provides complete lottery ticket concierge service wherein the player sitting in some other country than the US can purchase a ticket online and have a shot at winning millions and billions of dollars. With the jackpot in billions now, the international players must not take any risks and choose only the most reliable Lottosend platform to purchase MegaMillions tickets. To truly increase the chances of winning, they should buy more tickets while taking advantage of the discounts and bonuses.

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