All About the California Fantasy 5 Lottery

On the 6th November 1984, by means of voting, the California Lottery Act was passed which allowed for the creation of a lottery game in the state of California. This Lottery Act was passed with the intention of generating and providing tax-free money to schools. Of course, it is no news that lotteries have gradually become a faster and easier way of raising funds to support charitable causes and other social welfare projects such as health, education, recreational facilities and sports among others.

The California Fantasy 5 is one of the many lotteries administered by the California Lottery. This lottery game which has impressive winning odds as compared to other flagship lotteries gives players one chance each day to win life-changing cash prizes. Also, with over 22,000 authorized retailers in the state of California alone, there is very little standing in the way of anyone who wishes to try his/her luck by participating in this lottery game.

Playing the California Fantasy 5

The California Fantasy 5 is a 5/39 lottery game which like most modern-day lottery games requires that a player chooses five numbers from a pool ranging from 1 to 39 in order to participate in the lottery. To pick their numbers, players can use one of two methods – the Manual Selection method and the Quick Pick. The Manual Selection method like the name stipulates requires the player to choose his/her numbers by marking the chosen numbers on his/her Fantasy 5 Selection Slip. The second method, the Quick Pick allows the system to randomly select five numbers for the player. The Quick Pick is a fun, simple and faster method of playing the game and is ideal for those who are still new to the game. California state laws regarding the playing of lottery games require that player should be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Fantasy 5 lottery. Any tickets found to be purchased by someone in violation of this law are considered void as are any winnings associated with the ticket in question.

Each player can play up to five plays on a single Fantasy 5 play slip and each player is allowed to play as many play slips as he/she likes. Players can also choose to play their chosen numbers for more than one draw at a time. This feature is referred to as the Advance Play feature and allows a player to use a single ticket purchase to play multiple draws. By simply marking the Advance Play box, players can play a maximum of 12 consecutive draws on a single play slip. It is important to use blue or black ink when marking numbers. If a player makes a mistake on his/her play slip, he/she should simply mark the Void box instead of cancelling as this may result in the annulling of his/her ticket.

Once all numbers and features have been successfully marked, the player can then give the play clip back to the retailer who will then print their Fantasy 5 ticket, which also acts as the receipt. Each play costs $1 meaning that a ticket with 5 plays will cost $5. Once, the ticket has been printed, players should check their numbers and make sure they are correct before signing the back of the ticket. Each ticket should carry the numbers chosen per play, the draw date and the cost of the ticket.

The Fantasy 5 Second Chance Game

Players who use $5 or more to purchase a single Fantasy 5 ticket also receive a Fantasy 5 – Second Chance which can be used to participate in the Second Chance draws. The Fantasy 5-Second Chance gives players an additional chance to win $10,000. To participate in the Second Chance draws, players need to submit their Second Chance and this can be done in one of two ways – players can use the Lottery’s Mobile App by simply scanning the 2nd Chance code or entering them into the “Fantasy 5 – Second Chance” page before pressing the “Submit” button which enters the code for the upcoming draw. Codes must be submitted once and all submitted codes can be viewed on the “My Submissions” page.

Second Chance codes expire 180 days after purchase. This means that codes must not be submitted in the same week they were purchased. However, Second Chance codes are valid for one draw which means that once the code has been entered into a weekly draw, it can no longer be used for future draws.

Winnings and Prizes

The odds of winning the Fantasy 5 jackpot stand at 1 in 576,000 with the odds of winning any prize standing at 1 in 9. Draws for the Fantasy 5 take place every day of the week. As such, players are just two numbers away from winning any prize and 5 numbers away from winning the jackpot. Draws are held after entries close at 18:30 PM PT. During the draws, by means of an Automatic Draw machine, five numbers are selected from a drum consisting of 39 balls. Results are made available to the public via Fantasy 5 lottery retailers and through different media outlets. The jackpot prize is won when a player succeeds in hitting all the five numbers drawn. In the event that no player is able to hit all five numbers, the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw increasing the jackpot amount for the next draw.

The second prize is won by matching four of the five balls drawn. There are also prizes for matching, two or three balls with the prize for matching two balls being a Free Hit. All prizes are expected to be claimed 180 days from the date of the draw after which the unclaimed prizes will be distributed to schools and public educational institutions in the California area. It is also important to know that all Fantasy 5 prizes in excess of $599 are subject to taxes. These taxes, however, are not state taxes. Out of every $1 spent on a lottery ticket by a player, 95 cents are distributed in the form of contributions to public institutions such as colleges and schools, player prizes and compensation for retailers. Players can purchase lottery tickets from various points such as self-service terminals and ticket machines, gas stations, and vending machines.

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