A Man worked in McDonald and become millionaire

McDonald’s Worker Quits after becoming a Winner of $362,259 during Lunch Break Each of us has made jokes with our

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Pumpkin Seeds Lead to Superlotto Plus Jackpot

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Superlotto Plus Winner and the Penny That He Found

Matt Heard, 49 years old was working as a bus driver and a father of three. The Superlotto Plus winnings

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The Superlotto Plus Winning Story of the King Couple

Only a few people will understand the exciting and roller coaster life of Eloise King and her husband David King,

One of the Best SuperLotto Plus Winning Stories Ever

Over the years, SuperLotto Plus winners have often filled the rest of the world with hope, motivation and some jealousy.

Man Claims That He Won the SuperLotto Plus Jackpot During Last Minute Search

The man who claimed that he bought the SuperLotto Plus winning ticket for the $63 million-dollar jackpot in Chatsworth is

SuperLotto Plus Winning Ticket, Rejected

The alleged winner of the August 8 draws of the SuperLotto Plus had to take legal action in order to