Challenge Your Luck and Play Superlotto Plus

Do you wish to become one of the Superlotto Plus winners that have profited millions of dollars over the past few years? You just need a dash of luck, a whole lot of optimism, wishful thinking and a wide smile upon your face…after all; you may be the next winner! Think of all the possibilities, weigh your options and have your pick amongst the numbers available for you!

How Superlotto Plus Is Played

First of all, you must pick five numbers stretching from 1 to 47. Then, there is another number (called MEGA) that you should select between 1 and 27. You add all of these numbers on your play slip, and you are good to go! As you can imagine, there is no simpler or easier way to become an instant millionaire than Superlotto Plus!

If you want, there is the option of playing the same numbers again through the choice of ‘Advance Play’. This is of utmost importance, as there are many people who trust their instinct and do not wish to mess with their winning numbers. Upon checking the box indicating that you want to bet on multiple draws, you do not need to worry about heading to your Superlotto Plus retailer each and every single time.

Superlotto Plus Money

I Won the SuperLotto Plus

There are two ways allowing you to see if you have been one of the Superlotto Plus winners. The first one is to go online and search for the winning numbers. You can double check them on your play slip to make sure that you have not done anything wrong. The second one is through the use of a scanning machine at your retailer. The latter obviously offers reliable and instant results.

Are the Odds in Your Favor?

If you take a look at the odds, you might feel overwhelmed or even disappointed. For instance, the odds of getting all five numbers and the MEGA number are one in
41,416,353. If you forget about the MEGA number, though, the odds go down to 1 in 1,592,937. Now you might think that these odds are too high and that you will never win. But if you take into consideration all the past Superlotto Plus winners, you will most likely realize that most of them had not set the bar high either.

Follow Your Dream

As life has taught each and every single person, you should not forget about your dreams. No matter how impossible they might seem at first, you should know that their value is relevant to their preciousness and rarity. So, make sure that you allow yourself to dream and that you do whatever you can, in order to reach your dreams. And in this case, indulging in Superlotto Plus seems like the best way to get there! The California State lottery creates multiple multi-millionaires every day and gives even more money to help the education of the children of California, so, even if you don’t win, you are giving back and helping the kids.

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