Everything You Need To Know About The Superlotto-Plus Lottery

Lotteries are considered to be a form of gambling where the winner is decided by drawing of numbers. Since it is a form of gambling, many governments around the world have implemented a ban on the same. Despite it being outlawed by many governments, there are a few who endorse the same by organizing various national and state lotteries. One can find licensed lottery ticket sellers in many countries. There are two ways to play lottery either you physically buy a ticket from the retailer or play online. With technological advancements, online lotteries are fast gaining prominence. Another reason for the growing demand is the sheer convenience attached to it.


Types of Lotteries 


There are different types of lotteries played across the world. Details of some of the popular ones are given below.



It is a different form of lottery unlike the traditional lotto with higher odds of winning. In contrast to lotto, each play of Powerball lottery costs $2. The procedure to play Powerball is also quite simple. From 1 to 69 select five numbers from the white balls and one number from 1 to 26 for the red power-ball. Matching 5 white balls and the 6th red ball will mean you have hit the jackpot. There is a drum of 59 balls from which the 5 white balls and from another drum the red ball is selected. Some of the major international power ball games include the New Zealand Powerball, U.S Powerball and Australian Powerball.



This is one of the cost-effective lotteries with a cash prize of approximately $5000 per game. Dailies can be of different types like Pick 3, Pick 4 and Fantasy 5. There are two ways of playing the game one is straight, and the other is the box. When the winning numbers match the chosen numbers in the same order, it is called straight. If the numbers match but they are not in the same order, it is called a box. The lottery is easy to enter and win, but the payouts might not be as impressive as the others.



This is considered to be a bonus game that runs alongside the main lotto. The point of difference between raffles and other traditional lottery is that a preselected number is assigned. There are specific codes printed on the ticket which if match with codes drawn on the day of draw makes you the winner. One of the successful international raffles played is the UK Lotto Raffle.


Scratch Off Instant Games:

These are one of the quick and easy online lotteries that range from $1 to $50. One of the most popular games on the internet where the players scratch cards of their choice and win prizes instantly. This particular form of lottery involves both small and large payouts, and the odds of winning are as good as 1:3.


The Lotto:

It is one of the older versions of lotteries played in many countries with big payouts. The concept of the game is quite simple. Choose six numbers between 0 to 47 mark them on the card and enter. Now check on the day of the draw if the chosen numbers match the winning ones. During the draw numbers, from 0 to 47 are marked on colorful balls and placed in a machine. The machine then shuffles these to drop 6 balls with the winning numbers in another slot of the machine. Having all the six winning numbers on your ticket might be a distinct possibility, but sometimes you can get lucky even if five numbers match. Barring the jackpot, smaller cash prizes can also be equally rewarding.

Generally, per play of the lotto game costs you approximately one dollar. Higher the number of plays the odds of winning increase but ensure that you stick to your budget. Another popular form of the lotto game played across countries is the superlotto-plus. Further, in the article below, we describe how the game is played and tips to increase your odds of winning.


How To Play SuperLotto-Plus?

  1. The first step is to find a superlotto-plus retailer nearby your home or other places you regularly visit like the office. This should not be difficult as you also find lottery retailers online.
  2. Next step is to pick numbers from the superlotto-plus play slip. As per the rules you are required to pick up 5 numbers from 1 to 47. Apart from this, you are also required to choose one mega number from the numbers 1 to 27.
  3. There is also an option of playing randomly generated numbers using the quick pick. It enables the computer to randomly generate numbers for you. Using quick pick allows you get to purchase up to 10 plays on a single play slip.
  4. While playing ensure that you mark all the numbers in either blue or black.
  5. Once the numbers are chosen submit the play slip to the store clerk along with the amount depending upon the number of plays. Once the Clery receives the amount you will be issued a superlotto-plus This will include the numbers for each play along with the amount paid and the draw date. The ticket also allows you to participate in the 2nd chance draw.
  6. Lastly on the draw date check for the winning numbers of the specified website. You can also visit the lottery retailer to scan the barcode printed on the ticket. The superlotto-plus lottery has two draws every week.

If you get lucky with a winning ticket do not forget to submit the SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance code while redeeming the prize money.


How To Claim The Lottery Prize?


Once you have won the lottery amount the next step is to claim the prize money. This is quite simple and can be done in two ways. The first method is to log in to the website in order to claim your winnings. Once logged in click on the type of the game and the prize you have won. Winnings from the online games will be automatically credited to the player’s account. After which the player can request for a cheque to be sent to his address. Also, the winnings can also be credited to the card that was used while buying the lotto tickets online. You can also visit the local district office of the lottery in order to claim your prize money. All you are required to do is drop in your claim form there. It approximately takes up to 6 weeks in order to process all the winning claims by the lottery. The winning amount can also be claimed through the mail. If you have the website address just download the claim form from the same. Next step is to fill it in and send it to the state lottery office along with the winning ticket.


What are The Tips To Win the Super Lotto-Plus Lottery?

Whether you are new to the game or are a pro it is very important that you strategize in order to win. Some of the strategies that could help you win big at the lottery are described below.


  • The first and the foremost trick to remember is that you should always choose a mix of both odd and even numbers. This is because the chances of getting all the odd numbers or all even numbers as the winning combination are very slim. The odds of winning in such a scenario is almost less than 3%. Hence it is not worth taking the risk. Choosing 2 odd and 3 even or vice versa can be helpful as the winning chances become higher.
  • Try if you could choose numbers whose total sums up to a number that falls between 89-151. The statement is based on previous winning results and there is no proven evidence for the fact. But if it could get you any closer to the winning combinations it is worth the try.
  • Another strategy is to pick up low and high numbers combination. This is similar to the odd-even strategy that we have discussed above. To understand it better consider the 47 numbers game. Numbers from 1 to 24 could be the lower half and numbers from 25 to 47 could be the higher half. It seldom occurs that all the winning numbers belong to one group that is all high numbers or all low numbers. Choosing a mix of high and low numbers is always a safer bet. Similar to the odd-even strategy you can apply 3/2 or 2/3 method here. When you choose a combination of numbers the chances of winning increases considerably.
  • Another important strategy is to avoid betting on numbers that have been drawn before. It is most unlikely that you would get the same winning combination again.
  • Many of us often commit the error of choosing 1-2-3-4-5-6 as the combination. Remember that the chances of the particular combination coming up in the winning draw is very rare.
  • Sometimes studying the number of groups can also be helpful in deciding the winning combinations. For example, pick up a combination from the past list of winning numbers and observe if there are any numbers or number groups that do not or seldom occur. Tracking this can be helpful in deciding your number choice.
  • Also never bet on all the numbers belonging to a single group. For example, all the numbers should not belong to the 20’s, 30’s and so on. Combination of numbers always gives better results.
  • Majority of us have the habit of using birthdays and anniversaries to choose our lottery number combinations. This might not be an ideal thing to do as it will limit the highest number. Also, this might reduce your odds of winning or it might also happen that you have to split your winnings with other members.
  • Another useful tip that could be helpful for winning the superlotto-plus lottery is that you can play in groups by forming a lotto pool. It will help you aggregate luck and increase your chances of winning. The prize money gets split but at least you are winning something if the luck of any of your pool members is on the high. Also, this reduces the risk of losing heavily.
  • When you form a lotto pool ensure that you choose people with a positive attitude. Else it could just dampen the enthusiasm of others in the pool as well.


What Are The Payouts In a SuperLotto-Plus Lottery?


There are different payouts for every supper lotto plus draw. For example, if you consider the California Superlotto-Plus there is more than one way to be a winner.


If you have all your 5 regular numbers and the one mega number, matching the combination drawn by the officials then you just got lucky. This implies you have hit the big jackpot.

Now people who are applicable to claim the next payout are those who have 5 of their regular numbers matching the winning combination. This entitles you to qualify for the second prize.

In order to qualify for the third prize, you need to have your 4 regular numbers along with the one mega number matching the winning combination.

If you have only the 4 regular numbers matching the winning combination drawn by the lottery officials, you can claim the 4th prize.

For the 5th spot having 3 regular and one mega number matching the winning ones would suffice the need.

The 6th spot involves similar criteria to the fourth prize. If you have only three regular numbers matching with the winning combination you can claim the prize.

A matching 2 regular numbers and 1 mega number entitles you to claim the 7th spot.

If you have only one regular and one mega number matching the winning combo, then you can claim the 8th place.

One can claim the final 9th place if they have the one mega number matching the winning combination.



Winning a lottery can be a life-changing scenario for many. This is because the winnings might be accompanied by a huge amount of cash depending on what you won. It can help you clear your debts, buy a car or a house and fulfill many other dreams. There are millions of people who lottery every day with the hope of winning. But always ensure that you do not invest in more than you can actually afford. Rest following the above-discussed strategies can help you make informed decisions.


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