Goodbye Hot Lotto, Hi Lotto America!

Introducing the latest lottery game which is nearly similar to the previous one.

On 28 October, lottery officials brought Hot Lotto to an end. Its last drawing for Minnesota players as well as from 13 other states did not have a jackpot winner. According to the officials, the reason was that the reputation of this $1 game was gradually declining.

It will be replaced by Lotto America, which shall be played in Minnesota also, and around similar number of states. It will be determined by the number who will eventually register.

Hot Lotto, which has existed for 15 years provided a jackpot which began at $1 million and continued increasing until a person matched five digits drawn from 1-47 as well as a ‘Hot Ball’ digit from 1-19. Drawings took place each Wednesday and Saturday. The winning odds of the jackpot were 1 in 29 million.

Selling of the tickets starts on 12 November for the first drawing of Lotto America on 15 November. The figures will be disclosed on similar days of the week as Hot Lotto. A ticket for $1 enables players to choose five digits from 1-52 together with a ‘Star Ball’ from 1-10.

The jackpot begins at $2 million and the odds of matching each of the digits is 1 in 26 million.

Similar to Hot Lotto, smaller payouts shall be provided by Lotto America for matching fewer digits.

As the last jackpot of $12.16 million for Hot lotto was not won prior to the ending of the game, the initial Lotto America jackpot shall be an annuity of $15 million (rather than the standard $2 million), and will increase consistently until there’s a winner.

The name of Lotto America may have a familiar ring to long-term risk-takers. Before, it was a multistate lottery game starting from 1988 to 1992 when it was promoted afresh as Powerball, the main lottery game among all the others in the nation. It is availed in Wisconsin, Minnesota and a lot of other states.

According to lottery officials, the resolution to terminate Hot Lotto was not connected to a scheme in 2010 by Eddie Tipton, a lottery vendor worker, who admitted to interfering with digit-choosing computers, to foretell winning digits in Hot Lotto and different games in numerous states. They state that lotteries regularly substitute games with deteriorating sales.

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