Her Mom Called Her the Lucky Child for a Reason

Today’s Superlotto Plus winner story is quite a unique one. It is about a mother who always considered one of her daughters her lucky child. When someone starts calling you their lucky charm, there is quite a responsibility on you. Somehow, you have to prove that you are the lucky person that the other person believes you to be by doing things that are impossible to do for others. No matter how much you want to ignore it, you can’t deny the happiness that comes with someone calling you lucky for them. Let’s read the story of this mother and daughter, and the Superlotto Plus lottery.

My Husband Loved Lotteries

Since the day I had married him, I had seen my husband crazily in love with lotteries. He was always using weird logic to come up with lucky numbers, which he would then pick on his lottery tickets. I would not say that he never got lucky. He had won a few prizes here and there, but nothing big had ever happened. I did not mind his activity of buying lottery tickets because he knew his limits. He never spent too much money on the tickets or cried over not being able to win a big jackpot.

Occasionally, he would come to me and ask me to pick the numbers for him. I had always seen him on Superlotto Plus website. When he asked me to give him my lucky numbers, I always gave different numbers because I did not have any lucky numbers to be honest. Not to mention, he continued to change his lucky numbers every week too. For some reason, I was never able to win him anything with my pick. The numbers I picked never matched. However, he would always include the numbers that had won him some small prizes in the past in his picks.

We Started Researching Numbers

One fine evening, after we had checked the lottery results and were having tea, he made me sit with him. He started talking about how we could increase our chances of winning by picking numbers after some research. First, we had a small argument about fortune and lotteries. I wanted him to stop because I had seen him purchasing tickets for so many years without winning anything big. What hurt me the most was how hopeful he was every time. I just did not like the sight of him seeing his hopes getting shattered every time his numbers did not appear in the results.

So, we researched the numbers by using the statistics section on Superlotto Plus website. We picked all some random numbers only from the most frequently appearing numbers. However, all that research did not help us at all. We still did not match any numbers and were sitting there without any wins. I looked at my husband and he looked at me. That’s when I got an idea. I said, “How about we combine statistics with luck?” He asked how that was going to work. I told him how I always considered my elder daughter lucky. So, I told him that we were going to use the statistics but we would ask our daughter to pick the numbers.

I Asked My Daughter to Pick the Numbers

I have to tell you here why I considered my elder daughter lucky. First, a lot of mental conditions I had before her birth vanished automatically when she was born. At the same time, my husband had gotten an excellent job after her birth too. I know that one should not trust such things but this was my belief associated with her and it was a strong one. So, I called my elder daughter who was studying in her room. She came to us and I asked her that she was going to pick the Superlotto Plus lottery numbers for us.

She was a bit confused at first because she did not know what was going on. However, I explained to her what was going on. She already knew that I called her my lucky daughter. So, we make her sit in front of the computer, ask her to see the statistics section on Superlotto Plus website and pick the numbers. She looked at the most frequently appearing numbers first.  After that, she picked her random numbers. I was surprised to see that she had picked some of the most frequent numbers she had discovered from statistics, but some of the numbers were her own picks.

I told her that she was picking some infrequent numbers as well. She replied by saying, “Mom, I think you call me the lucky child. You either pick all the numbers I have picked or I don’t pick any number at all.” I agreed with her and asked her to pick all the number and finalize them online.

I Was Right about My Lucky Daughter

We purchased our tickets at night and started waiting for the lunchtime draw. As soon as the results were uploaded on the website, I checked them. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the numbers on the screen and matched them with our picked numbers. All five of the numbers matched with five numbers from a total of six. It was a six number draw so only six numbers were picked. I instantly looked for the information about the prize money. We had won quite a huge sum. My daughter was just smiling as I told my husband about our win.

I Am Living My Life My Way Today

That win changed everything for us. We did not become millionaires but the money we won was enough to change our lives. Of course, the first thing we did was we bought a car for our daughter for winning us so much money. I would advise you to use statistics and some luck while picking your lottery numbers wherever you are. Today, my daughter is the lucky child of my husband as well. Since then, I have been asking her to pick the numbers for us again but she refuses to. Maybe she does not want to lose her crown of being the lucky child by picking numbers that don’t win us anything. However, we are only waiting for the day when she will agree to pick the numbers for us again.

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Her Mom Called Her the Lucky Child for a Reason

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Today’s Superlotto Plus winner story is quite a unique one. It is about a mother who always considered one of