Julie Cervera’s Superlotto Plus Winning Story

Julie Cervera is a widow who was forced to become a single mother after the death of her spouse. She has had to brave a lot in her lifetime. Her son also got killed in an accident where three other children survived. She also adopted two special needs children and has been taking care of them ever since. Her life was normal before she won $23 million in Superlotto Plus.

Five Months of an Unclaimed Prize

Whenever Superlotto Plus winners take more than five months to claim their prize, there are two possible scenarios. The first is that they lost the ticket and cannot find it. The second scenario is that they will most likely never collect the prize. Julie’s story is unique. For her, she did not know that she had won the prize throughout that whole time. A picture was taken from video footage of the person who bought the winning ticket. It started circulating, and it was then that Charliena, Julie’s daughter, recognized herself. She sent her mother a text message and the picture. Julie’s first reaction was to worry. She had seen such photos, and most of them were associated with criminals. She started wondering what her daughter might have gotten into. Charliena then told her that she had won the lotto. Again, Julie kept hoping that this was not a prank her daughter was pulling on her.

Superlotto Plus

Confirming the News

Five months before, Julie sent her daughter out to buy her a Superlotto Plus ticket. When Charliena gave her mother the ticket, she stashed it in her car because she was about to go out with her friends.  The car was actually new. The ticket had been there ever since. She ran out and got it then confirmed that it was a winning ticket. Still, in disbelief, Julie went to a store to confirm that she was indeed the winner of $23 million. The attendant gave her the Superlotto Plus results from that day and then it finally dawned on her that she was actually a winner. One of the most amazing things about Julie’s story is the fact that she only had one month left before her prize expired. She might have never known that she was a Superlotto Plus winner if that photo was not circulated.

How does she plan on Using the Money?

Julie plans on giving a handsome amount to Charliena. She also stated that she wants to help out her family members as well as support the special needs children that she adopted and takes care of. In addition to this, she stated that her desire was to help out the three other kids who survived in the accident that killed her son. For Julie, she does not want to go crazy and buy unnecessary things. However, she has considered going to Disneyland to celebrate her win.

Julie Cervera’s story is one that is unique. Other Superlotto Plus winners do not have such exciting stories. Yours could be the next interesting story if you play the lotto.

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