LottoGopher Holdings Offers Information on its Lottery Messenger Service

LottoGopher Holdings Inc. (the ‘Company or ‘LottoGopher’), which presents a lottery messenger service that enables users to order and control their state lottery ticket online effortlessly, is happy to offer the latest information regarding its lottery messenger service.

From when it shut down its excessively subscribed private CAD$3.7 million placement at the end of January, LottoGopher has meticulously assessed various techniques of distributing profit toward developing its lottery messenger service.

After recognizing and assessing various methods and approaches, LottoGopher is currently prepared to begin humbly distributing profit to grow its business.

LottoGopher, which is presently accessible in California has illustrated and began the procedure to develop to its next four states situated in the southern and eastern region of the United States. The firm has issued statements to regulators in one of the states. It anticipates becoming certified and accepted by the time summer ends.

LottoGopher joined ranks with a company that offers ticket procurement services in the U.S. to other lottery messenger services throughout the globe. This initiative is going to encourage the attainment of a lottery ticket to LottoGopher in states that have been recently expanded.

LottoGopher is ascertaining and consulting with online influencers to help with express marketing to consumers. Assessment is being carried out to additional direct and consumer channels like informational segments on crucial television shows and networks, local advertorial stories on websites of high traffic and developed social media campaigns.

The prospective attainment of a client database that LottoGopher earlier announced on 20 November 2017 has been cancelled, because of inadequate due diligence on the suggested client list as well as its valuation.

LottoGopher has decided not to go after the contract. LottoGopher has also declared that it has given 3,100,000 aggregate of stock options to some of its officers, advisory board members, directors, and consultants.

The stock options present an exercise cost of CAD $0.20 per share; expiry is five years from when it was issued. Additionally, LottoGopher went into an altered employment contract with James Morel, its CEO.

It means that Mr. Morel is going to obtain a yearly income of USD $250,000 and share awards of a maximum of 950,000 aggregate common shares. Ordinary shares of 350,000 will be offered after joining of the contract and extra 200,000 common shares provided on the dates which are 6 months, 12 months and 18 months from the contract date on condition that Mr. Morel remains a LottoGopher employee.

What LottoGopher Entails

LottoGopher describes a lottery messenger service that enables its users to order and control their state lottery ticket online with the use of a credit or debit card quickly.

By letting people select their figures and securely order tickets for the formal California lottery drawings, LottoGopher makes is easy for users to monitor their tickets as well as winnings. Using LottoGopher, people can either play individually using one ticket or become part of online private and public groups to combine winnings from lotteries in California like SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions and Powerball.

LottoGopher offers memberships that enable residents in California to order many tickets from different lotteries. Also, LottoGopher lets users remain updated on the newest drawings, monitor their tickets and pick winnings. Members have sole access to professional player methods, jackpot notifications, winners’ economic resources, lottery information and lucky number pickers.

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