Man, in his 60s Wins Multi-Million CA Super Lotto Plus Draw

$12 million CA Super Lotto Plus Winner!

America is home to some of the most famous lotteries in the world. People from all over the world take part in this lottery game to win multi-million jackpot prizes. Although chances of winning the jackpot prize are slim, people who get their hands on these jackpots are able to turn their lives forever. On the west coast, lottery players are crazy about California SuperLotto Plus. Millions of people in the state take part in these lottery games by purchasing tickets from their favorite tuck shops. Americans love bagel and donuts, hence, whenever they stop at a petrol station, they use some of their pocket money to buy these snacks and dedicate a small chunk to CA SuperLotto Plus Draw.

Past winners of this lottery have shared some amazing stories with media, including a person who took-off in the morning to find a job and became a millionaire by the evening through a $1 lottery ticket that he purchased while filling a gas tank. What one needs to know however is that the lottery win is usually half the battle. The other half of the challenge is to spend your jackpot wisely and do not get carried away with so much money in your hand.

Man wins $12 million in CA super lotto plus draw

For Guillermo Parga, it was a normal morning routine of opening up the entertainment page of a local newspaper and having a decent laugh on the funny cartoons. Little did he know that his life was about to change as he moved towards the lottery section. Being a senior citizen hailing from Los Angeles, Guillermo was being concerned about his life after retirement, he wanted to take care of his wife who had not been well in the recent past. With not enough savings, Guillermo was having a hard time managing all his daily and monthly expenses.

A day or two before the lottery results were announced, Guillermo was buying treats for himself when he decided to spend $5 on the weekend lottery ticket. The bumper prize was colossal $12 million and he was wondering if he will ever get his hands on that kind of money. When he read the lottery results the excitement quickly built up in his mind as the first couple of numbers matched with the lucky draw. Guillermo was truly surprised when all the numbers including the bonus digit matched exactly with that of a jackpot. He exclaimed ‘oh my goodness’ and burst into laughter of joy. The first thing that came to his mind was to use the money to take care of his wife, he also thought of paying his outstanding dues and bringing himself current with all service providers.

The only thing that he forgot to do was to share the good news with his wife! It was later found out that Mrs. Parga did not have any hard feelings and was very happy for her husband. These and many such examples tell you that there is no age limit to try your luck in a lottery game!

Things that you should not do after winning a million-dollar jackpot

Hit a casino or a bar – These should two places should be added on your no-go list as soon as you win a lottery game. One of the major reasons for this fact is that casino and a bar can make you lose your mind and the addiction for placing a bet on the next event or having that next glass of wine can make you lose a large sum of money in quick succession. There are many examples available where lottery winners decided to increase their newly found wealth by gambling, unfortunately, they ended up being in more debt then they were before they hit the jackpot.

Start publicizing your lottery win – One of the last things you want after a lottery win is scammers and ID thieves trying to steal your confidential data. Things that can cause you a lot of money is a forged signature and a misused identification document.  In order to keep yourselves away from the public eye, you should try to avoid press as much as possible. Also, you should only talk to your close friends and family members about your jackpot win. Only people you trust completely should know about your recent win.

Spend in charity without research – If you start giving back to society from the very next day of your lottery win, chances are that you are giving your money to fake NGOs. When contributing to a welfare program, you need to have a fair idea about their purpose and the team behind the organization. You should ensure that your money will be put to good use before investing it with a not-for-profit organization.

How to preserve your jackpot prize

One of the best ways to preserve or even grow your newly found wealth over a long period of time is by taking financial advice from a wealth manager. They will be able to answer some very important questions for you like how to diversify your cash prize into different asset classes and what type of products or financial securities to buy for your long-term profits as well as for short-term gains.

Next, you should approach your favorite real estate agent and ask them about decent localities where you can purchase a couple of houses or commercial plots. Real estate will almost never lose its minimum value. Even if the property like home or building deteriorates over time, you can always cash out the land value. You should also invest some amount of your winnings in gold. This precious metal has been considered as one of the best ways to preserve your wealth for future generations.

Finally, you should set aside a certain budget to take a break from your daily routine that you have been following for the last so many years. Book your self a luxury cruise trip or an expensive business class ticket to your ideal destination. This will also help you in sinking in the feeling being a millionaire.

Lottery winnings are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, when you get your hands on such an opportunity, make sure you cash it out in the best way possible!

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One thought on “Man, in his 60s Wins Multi-Million CA Super Lotto Plus Draw

  • I have played second chance tickets for years and have thousands entered, haven’t had the luxury of winning yet, but I will keep praying for a win and have faith I will…good luck to all, imagine the possibilities
    a win is a win for many.
    Great advice from California Lottery, Thank you


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Man, in his 60s Wins Multi-Million CA Super Lotto Plus Draw

Man, in his 60s Wins Multi-Million CA Super Lotto Plus Draw

$12 million CA Super Lotto Plus Winner! America is home to some of the most famous lotteries in the world.

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