A Man worked in McDonald and become millionaire

McDonald’s Worker Quits after becoming a Winner of $362,259 during Lunch Break

Each of us has made jokes with our colleagues at work regarding what action we would take if we suddenly became jackpot winners. Martin Reiter, an employee of MacDonald’s echoed everyone’s thoughts when he told his superior to take a hike!

This was after Reiter won more cash than he would ever make after working full time, for a decade at MacDonald’s, compared to just playing Bingo Cabin for only twenty minutes, which is a gambling site found online.

Working History

Reiter’s work in Broadmeadows at McDonald’s was the latest in a series of temporary employment episodes for Reiter. Before that, he had been employed at a grocery store (Woolworth’s) and numerous other jobs with low pay, with slim chances of advancement. But, two weeks back, Reiter obtained his ticket to the leading income tax bracket.

How Reiter Became Lucky

Reiter’s lucky stroke of luck started as he took a break from a night shift. As he was going through Facebook on his phone, he came across an advert for a gaming site, presenting free spins worth $30.

Reiter never ignored anything that came free and he decided to give the odds a test with ‘Enchanted Garden’ game from Bingo Cabin. When his break of thirty minutes was over, the disillusioned young man suddenly viewed life in a very different manner.

In a single play, Reiter became winner of a progressive jackpot of an overall of $362,259 AUD. He instantly recognized a chance to quit his job, which had no prospects.

The Win

Reiter was amazed and initially, he was unable to believe he had won. He thought that his colleagues had somehow created an elaborate prank for April Fool’s Day. Reiter stated, ‘It was only when I pressed the button for cash out and saw the amount $362,259 next to my name that I realized it was true.’


Reiter refused to wait to offer his employer the usual two-week notice. The words he told his boss are actually unprintable! But, it goes without saying that Reiter will not be employed at McDonalds any time soon, nor have a meal there!

Even though Reiter was among the huger winners of this giveaway, he is not the only one to benefit from the free spins of Bingo Cabin. From the beginning of the promotion the previous month, more than 238 players throughout Australia have won cash from 100% free play.

But, it seems the giveaway shall soon come to an end since from the last month, more than the company has already paid out $1,000,000 in overall winnings.

Single Mum of four Children Wins Powerball

Marie Holmes, 26 years old, who resides in Shallotte N.C. is among the three winners who selected the combination that made them winners of the jackpot of $564.1 million: 11-13-25-39-54-19.

‘I believed I would suffer a heart attack when I saw the ticket,’ remarked Holmes when being interviewed by WECT, a local TV affiliate. ‘Actually, the winning ticket was sold to me by my uncle.’

In the past, Holmes had worked at Wal-Mart and McDonalds and according to her, she now had no need to be concerned about how she would provide for her three daughters and son.

‘I will not struggle any more and neither will they,’ she stated. I simply want them to comprehend that money should not change you but it can assist you. They should now not worry about such things as debt.’

‘They can attend college without worrying about anything. I am happy that I can now do this for them.’ Holmes has big plans already. She says she is going to assist her close family members and wishes her grandmother were alive to share in the success as she was like a ‘second mother’ to her.

‘I believe she can see me and is joyful that I made it in the end, that we made it in the end and I can truly do this for my children,’ she stated. According to her, she intends to open bank accounts and purchase homes for her kids. In addition, she plans to get away for a while, although she did not disclose the location.

She said, ‘I really appreciate. ‘I am prepared to accept the change.’ The other winners from Puerto Rico and Texas have not yet been identified. The three shall share the winnings that can be paid out annually, or at one go for the smaller quantity of around $381 million.

There were 17 partial winners also, who selected five numbers correctly from the six. Each of them won $1 million.

McDonald’s Employee of 72 years is at last able to retire, benefit of lottery

A lot of us envision retiring and simply having fun in our later years. However, some who are employed in fast food restaurants for their whole career, for instance McDonald’s possess the savings they require to retire.

Nell Pierce-Boykin, a McDonald’s employee of 72 years was in a position like this. She worked for 39 years for McDonald’s restaurants in Atlanta region before becoming the lucky winner of $750,000 in a scratch-off lottery game in Georgia State.

Pierce-Boykin completed her mortgage and bought a new Toyota Camry. At last she has the cash she requires to quit work and engage in whatever she has always desired to. She intends to travel more, particularly to pay her daughter a visit in Tampa, Florida.

Although her salary at McDonald’s was not much, she created many friends and memories. She joined McDonald’s in 1979 in Forest Park, GA then in 1984 she advanced to management. From that time, she was a manager in five varied stores in the region.

Ray Justice, the owner of Mt. Zion Parkway McDonald’s franchise where she was employed when she purchased the lucky lottery ticket states that Pierce-Boykin made an impact in each store she worked.

Pierce-Boykin’s positivity at work made her a success in the past 39 years and will now assist her to have fun with her retirement, which she deserves!

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