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Powerball Results

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2 + 1PB
1 + 1PB
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Newest Results Online for US Powerball

There is no dispute that the US Powerball presents the most significant game worldwide. In January 2016, Powerball broke the record after it bestowed three blessed winners with a jackpot prize of $1.58 billion.

Powerball almost broke that record in August 2007 with a jackpot of $758.7 million. Earlier huge jackpots are inclusive of the May 2013 jackpot of $590.5 million, and the February 2015 prize of $564.1 million.

Results for US Powerball

Check Your Lottery Results for US Powerball

The lottery of the US Powerball consists of nine prize divisions and players require five winning digits from a container ranging between 1-69 as well as the Powerball to become a winner of the jackpot prize. The Powerball presents an extra digit, selected from a different 1-26 drum. When the Powerball is matched, it also enables you admittance to prize categories of 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th. It signifies that if you just match a single Powerball digit, you still win a prize.

If you just match a single Powerball figure, you still win a prize. If a Powerball match is not available, picking five key numbers correctly enables you win to a prize of $1 million or $2 million in case you utilize the Power Play!

The US Powerball provides the Power Play at an extra price and increases the seven prize divisions at the bottom by 2 to 10 times!

Results for the US Powerball: Dreams for $1 Billion are realized

In 2013, an announcement was made by US Powerball that it’s objective was to go up to a jackpot of $1 billion by 2022. From then, this lottery has surpassed the target of half a billion at four different times. Players and enthusiasts keenly waited for the imposing rollover, which would eliminate the reset from the leading spots.

Luckily, they just needed to wait for three years, rather than nine to realize their dreams of billion-dollar. In 2016 on 13 January, the three ticket holders who were the luckiest, in California, Tennessee and Florida split the hugest jackpot experienced in the history of lottery; $1.58 billion!

US Powerball Lottery’s Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers present lottery digits that come up most often, and the frequent numbers for the US Powerball 26, 16, 41, 32 and 28. Cold digits describe the digits that rarely come up. Some lotto enthusiasts select them particularly due to this. They think that they appear again in the results for the US Powerball in a short time, while the others do not; 60, 65, 67, 68 and 66. Every year, we update the listings for hot & cold digits to assist you to choose your numbers.

The US Powerball Record Jackpots

On 13 January 2016, the hugest Powerball jackpot, that presents the existing world record for lottery jackpot was won. The value of the jackpot was valued at a remarkable $1.58 million and was split between three very fortunate ticket holders in Florida, Tennessee and California.

To date, the second hugest Powerball jackpot was granted to a Massachusetts fortunate lottery player who, on 18 May 2013 became winner of an amazing $758.7 million jackpot. The jackpot’s value that she won was $590.5 million! It did not break a lottery record; however, the April 2013 Powerball of $448 million is outstanding since a syndicate winner of the lottery scooped 1/3 of the prize; a team of players called ‘Oceans 16.’

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