Pumpkin Seeds Lead to Superlotto Plus Jackpot

This is a story of a guy, whose love for pumpkin seeds, has led to winning the Supelotto Plus draw last March of 2013.He got the Superlotto Plus winning numbers and became $33 million richer.

Massoud Ardalan from Walnut Creek loves eating pumpkin seeds, but finding them in town is hard. The one place that sells pumpkin seeds is Heather Farm Shell, which is why he made it his regular stop for the seeds, gas, and Superlotto Plus tickets.

However, on the day of the draw, he only had $15 in his wallet that was just enough for $10 worth of gas and $5 for the Superlotto Plus tickets. He didn’t have enough money for his pumpkin seeds. And the good thing is that he went for the lotto tickets instead for the pumpkin seeds because it was the fifth line of his numbers that were the Superlotto Plus winning numbers. Sacrificing his love of pumpkin seeds made him $33 million richer.

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Jobless for 4 Months

Ardalan used to be a reprographics manager. He was working for the same company for 16 years before he was laid off in November of 2012. He was looking for work since them. Homeira, his wife of 25 years, had to step up to be the breadwinner of the family. Little did they know that their luck was about to change for the better and they will be multimillionaires.

The day after the Superlotto Plus draw, Ardalan was having a typical Thursday. He dropped off his wife at the salon where she worked as a hairdresser and was going to do some job searching himself. But once he got home, he got a message from a friend telling him that the Superlotto Plus results were in and the winner was from Walnut Creek. Knowing that he often plays the lotto, the friend told him to check his tickets.

Ardalan checked his Superlotto Plus tickets and was surprised to find out that he was the winner of the $33 million jackpot. He can’t believe that he got all six numbers. He immediately drove back to see his wife at the salon and asked her to see him outside because he had something to tell her. When he told her that they won the Superlotto Plus jackpot, she didn’t believe him at first.

Plans for the Superlotto Plus Winnings

Ardalan has a lot of plans with his Superlotto Plus winnings. He wants to have his own reprographics business, and will hire is family and friends who are also out of work like him. He is also looking to invest in rental properties and a salon for his wife. He said that $33 million is a lot of money, and we can do plenty of things with it. And for the love of pumpkin seeds, he is also planning to purchase a pumpkin seed factory so that he can have all of the seeds that he wants for the rest of his life.

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