SuperLotto-Plus – My Favorite Lottery

Superlotto-plus is my favorite lottery in the world. I play in every draw, every Wednesday and every Saturday no matter what the jackpot is.

You might be wondering, why? What makes the superlotto-plus lottery any different from all the others? Why do I play this one more than any of the rivals even though powerball can sometimes have a jackpot 10x as big!

Allow me to answer and explain why you too should be playing the superlotto-plus draw twice a week.

Firstly, although superlotto-plus has a small minimum jackpot in comparison to the mega-millions or powerball, that does not mean that it’s a small minimum jackpot. Honestly, a minimum guaranteed jackpot of $7 million is more than good enough for me! The superlotto-plus also has a rolling system where the jackpot is rolled over to the next week if no one wins. It is for this reason that very quickly the jackpot can grow to truly insane amounts with the record jackpot being a staggering $193 million!

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Another reason why I like to play is because it is only a state lottery and not a federal one it is easier to regulate the charitable contributions. The superlotto-plus has given over $10.5 billion (with a B) to California’s public school system. I personally like the idea of knowing that even if I don’t win, my stake to play has gone to a good cause.

Also, my favorite way to play the lottery and therefore also to play the superlotto-plus is to play in a group game (or syndicate). I really like the format of the group game, it usually works out that I pay around $15 a draw and with that I get the chance to win the jackpot with 54 unique lines, not bad for $15!

I do also buy single superlotto-plus tickets every now and again but I mainly focus on the group games because of the value for money & I like checking multiple lines – it’s part of the fun!

For me superlotto-plus is lottery players’ lottery. It ticks all the boxes without being too over the top or too complicated. I started playing in 2011. It was the first lottery I played online so it will always have a special relationship with me. Over the years of playing I won more times and more money than all of the other draws combined (disclaimer: I do play it more often than the others) even once matching 5 numbers where I split $32,304 in December 2013!

If you are a fan of the lottery and enjoy playing but have not yet played the superlotto-plus then you are really missing out on some fun!

For me, superlotto-plus is the best lottery in the world.


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