SuperLotto Plus Player Mistake Cost Him Millions

A player in the popular California state lottery SuperLotto Plus will still be kicking himself after the giant mistake he recently made that cost him millions in prizes, but it hasn’t stopped him playing his favorite online lottery!

Freddy, 29 from San Fransisco, has been playing the SuperLotto Plus draw ever since he moved to the west coast in 2009 to take a new job. A self-proclaimed history buff that made the mistake of the century!

You see, what Freddy liked to do, like many lotto players, was selected numbers that were important to him and ha d significance. Being a history buff he would often choose dates that were important in history and got the point where he would choose 5 lines all with numbers relevant to history and his favorite parts of history to learn – The American Civil War & World War 2.

Freddy would choose numbers such as 19 and 39 to correlate with the start of the war in the 1939, so far so simple and nothing too strange about selecting your numbers this way, everyone has their own lottery strategy and this was Freddy’s.

Superlotto plus Vication

SuperLotto Plus Error

Freddy, the history buff who loves everything about the American Civil War made the mistake of lifetime: Struggling to add numbers to his Civil War inspired SuperLotto Plus ticket he finally plucked for the number 14 as the last numbers – citing it incorrectly as the 14th amendment that Lincoln created to abolish slavery rather than the 13th! This error cost Freddy a fortune. Instead of matching 5 regular numbers and one bonus ball for millions Freddy managed to match 4 numbers and one bonus ball for a grand total prize of $1,789.

The odds of winning the jackpot for the SuperLotto Plus are low enough, to do what Freddy did should be impossible. “I knew it was the 13th! I can’t comprehend how I ever thought it was the 14th, I have been studying it for years & I even say the 13th…I can’t for the life of me figure out how I made such an error.” Despite the luck, Freddy was in good spirits, insisting that everything happens for a reason and this will be true for his SuperLotto Plus nightmare.

Maybe too much time on the west coast meditating has given Freddy a different outlook, we know if he was living in Boston he might have a different attitude to his huge mistake.

Playing Your Lotto Numbers

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you should play the lottery numbers that you want, but be sure not to end up like Freddy. If you are picking lottery numbers that hold significant value to you it would be worthwhile to check those significant numbers beforehand. Freddy told us he will keep playing the lottery and this hasn’t put him off for future draws – “Now I’m playing one line with 13 and one line with 14 – You never Know!”

You only make a mistake like Freddy did once, Check Superlotto plus results now!

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