Tips on How to Play Superlotto-Plus

Superlotto plus is really getting popular in California and that is why anywhere you go to, there are always people issuing the tickets. There are usually two categories of people who play the Superlotto plus. You have the people who take advantage of a huge jackpot and the faithful group which comprises those that play regularly. They all have a common thing in mind which is to get favorable results.

Are you among any of the group mentioned above? Do you know that winning the Superlotto plus goes beyond getting access to the tickets? There are strategies that you need to adopt to ensure you are regularly listed among the Superlotto plus winners. There is no need bothering as you are in the right place.

This post will be having you exposed to some hidden strategies which you can use to come out as a winner. You are guaranteed that if you can perfectly apply what you will be discovering here; the sky will be your limit as the Superlotto plus results are likely to go in your favor.

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Numbers Combination

This is one thing that most people fail to do and in the end, they start counting their losses. The best strategy here is not to choose only odd numbers or even numbers. Rather, you will need to have both combined. You could decide to choose three even numbers and also two numbers which are odd or the other way round.

This is an effective strategy that has always guaranteed favorable Superlotto plus results. This is because all the odd numbers will have slim chances of being drawn. The same applies to the even numbers.

Watch Your Sum Total

The total sum of your chosen numbers should be able to range from 89 to 151. This may seem difficult but it has been revealed that when your total sum of numbers falls within such a range, you have a better chance of winning.

Watch Out For The Lucky Numbers

If you want to know more about lucky numbers then you may need to find out from other Superlotto plus winners. These numbers are a trap and will only limit your chances of winning. Some of them are 32, 7, 23, 13 and others. They have been played more times than other numbers so using them will only lead to heartbreak.

Another strategy that you may want to consider is not being limited to anniversaries and birthdays. This restricts your highest number to be 31. You want to choose above such numbers.


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