Get Rich Big Time With West Bengal State Lottery

Becoming rich and enjoying the luxuries of life is dream that almost everyone has. Some people want to live in a big house and some want to visit the destination of their dreams. All of it is only possible when you have enough money to make those dreams come true. With regular jobs, you are often just making the two ends meet. You spend money on monthly expenses and a little left over money goes into your savings account to support you after retirement. Is there a way for you to have a lot of money without putting a dent in your budget?

If you are a resident of West Bengal, you definitely have a perfect way to get rich. It depends on your luck, but if you can think positively, you might you just be the next rich person in the state. So, if you want to be a big rich person in West Bengal, the best method is to go for the West Bengal state lottery. By winning a lottery, you can make several lakhs and see your life change right before your eyes. Let’s get into the details.

A Little about West Bengal State Lottery

Lotteries are popular all around the world. In countries like the US, not only do they have countrywide lotteries, but they have city and state-specific lotteries as well. In a similar fashion, there are many lotteries in India that are run by states. Not all the states in India allow lotteries to be played. In fact, a major portion of the states have a complete ban on the operation of lotteries and purchase of tickets. Luckily, West Bengal is one of the few states where participating in a lottery and operating one is completely legal. If you are in West Bengal, you can be a part of a legitimate lottery without any care.

The idea of the lottery is for you to take a shot at becoming rich. You have to purchase tickets and wait for the day of the draw to know the results. On your ticket, you have certain numbers which you have to match with the numbers that are drawn on the day of the draw. If you match all the numbers, you get to win the first prize of the lottery, which is often a very huge sum. You can also win smaller prizes in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth categories. The results are available for you to check online or in the newspaper.

Lotteries in West Bengal

If you are looking for some good lotteries, you will not be disappointed as a citizen of West Bengal. There are many options available. The best West Bengal state lottery runs throughout the week. There are no gaps in the lottery drawings. Every day is a drawing day and every day there are new winners who win several lakhs and become rich. There are different names given to the lottery drawing taking place on each day of the week. Here are the names of the lotteries that run throughout the week.

  • Banga Lakshmi Raidak (Wednesday)
  • Banga Bhumi Bhagirathi (Thursday)
  • Banga Humi Ajay (Friday)
  • Bangasree Damodar (Saturday)
  • Bangasree Ichamati (Sunday)
  • Banga Lakshmi Teesta (Monday)
  • Banga Lakshmi Torsha (Tuesday)

It is quite amazing that these lotteries are taking place on every day of the week. Powerball and Megamillions, which happen to be the biggest lotteries in the world, have their draws only twice a week. On top of that, these lotteries have the rollover feature, which means sometimes there is no winner on the draw day. The jackpot then rolls over and gets bigger.

Let’s take a closer look at the West Bengal state lotteries and their features.

The Huge Prizes

The first thing that any player is interested in when participating in the lottery is the size of the jackpot. It attracts more people towards a lottery when the jackpot is huge. That’s something you will notice about the West Bengal state lotteries. Their payouts are quite huge compared to the payouts of the lotteries in Sikkim, Assam, and some other states. For example, the first prize for Bangabhumi Bhagirathi is Rs.50,00,000. Match all the numbers to the drawn numbers and you can win this huge prize. A sum that big is definitely going to change your life forever.

The prizes start getting smaller as you move to the lower tiers in the prize winning categories. Just like many other lotteries in India, there is a consolation prize in West Bengal state lottery as well. If you match just the five numbers of your ticket with the jackpot number, you can go home with Rs.9,500. The second prize, on the other hand, is Rs.9,000. The good thing is that there are ten winners in the second prize winning category. There are ten more winners in the third and the fourth tier. The last prize, which is the fifth prize, is a small Rs.120. There are one hundred people who receive the last prize.

If you use the money wisely, you can change your life significantly with the first prize of Rs.50,00,000. Go for a medium sized home and buy a car. You will still be left with some money that you can spend on yourself or to help your loved ones.

The Frequency of Draws

Frequency of draws can be an important factor to consider when you are thinking about participating in lotteries. The West Bengal state lottery will not disappoint you in this area. The draws take place every single day of the week, even the Sundays. The results are announced at 4PM local time and are instantly available on various websites for you to see. When the frequency of draws is so high, you know that winning something in the lottery is not too far from you. You know you will soon win something from the lottery when more than 130 people are winning something every day of the week.

What makes the West Bengal state lottery even more interesting is that the payouts are still huge despite the fact that draws are taking place every single day. No matter which day you buy the tickets for, the first prize is still in lakhs.

The Ease of Participation

Lottery is a game of luck, and for that reason, you want it to be as easy as possible. All around the world, companies are doing their best to make lottery participation a breeze. That’s the same case with West Bengal state lottery as well. There are no exceptional rules or anomalies to confuse you about your participation in the lottery. You just have to buy the ticket and wait for the results to be announced. Just like any other lottery, you can buy more tickets if you want. People buy multiple tickets of a lottery when they want to increase their chances of winning. So, there is nothing different in this process than how you participate in other lotteries.

Best Way to Check the West Bengal State Lottery Results

Technology has advanced quite a bit in the past 20 years. For that reason, you don’t have to rely on the conventional ways of seeing the lottery results. Just a few years ago, the only way for you to see the results was either TV or newspaper. On TV, you have to watch the draw live. On the other hand, newspapers were slow so you could see the results of the previous day on the next day edition of the newspaper. However, things have changed now and internet is your friend to check the lottery results.

Use Website for Results

The first thing you can do to see the results is visit a website that posts the results of the West Bengal state lottery. At the moment, you will not find any official website of the state where you can easily find the results. However, there are enough third party websites that can provide you the results instantly after the draw takes place. The good thing is that these websites have simplified the process of seeing the lottery results. You just go on the page where the results are posted, select the day of the draw, and the results will be there on the screen.

Here, you can choose the website that you find more suitable according to your needs. Some websites will ask you to download the PDF file with all the results on it. On other websites, you just have to click the results and they appear right on the website. In short, there is no downloading involved. Despite these websites being really fast, you can’t expect the result to appear in real time. Sometimes, you have to give the website a few minutes before the results are updated. However, the live draw footage is also available on some websites.

Use of Mobile Application for Results

It won’t be wrong to say that one of the quickset, most reliable, and popular ways of seeing West Bengal state lottery results is to use the mobile application. These applications were designed for the convenience of the lottery players. You can just download the application on your smartphone and see the results whenever you want rather than opening a new website every time to see the results. You don’t have to worry about the freshness of the results. As soon as the draw takes place the results are updated on your mobile application. The good thing is that you can check the results wherever you want if you have internet on your mobile device.

You will love the fact that mobile applications are designed with ease in mind. Finding the result of the lottery you are participating in is a breeze.

Why View West Bengal State Lottery Results on Mobile Application

Should you download an application on your smartphone to view the results? Why should you do that when you have other ways available to see the same results? Here are only a few reasons why it makes to use a mobile application for seeing the results of the lottery.

See Results Anywhere

Perhaps you are a busy person and you don’t have time to be in front of your TV or computer to see the results of the lottery. Maybe you are on a business trip in some other city. So, how can you simplify the process of seeing the results in such a scenario? The best way is to have an application on your smartphone. The application travels with you anywhere you go. As soon as your mobile connects to the internet, the application updates the results. You can view the results wherever you are and whenever you want.

Get Results Quickly

Quickness of the results matters to a lot of people. You don’t want to wait too long to know how much you have won. People used to think that mobile applications were not quick enough to post the latest results of the lotteries. This has been proven wrong with the latest applications that update the results within a few minutes after the draw takes place. It is surprising that these applications are not government owned or operated. They have been developed by third parties, but these developers have done a great job of connecting the app to the right database from where the results are fed into the app instantly.

Save Your Internet

Are you running out of internet bucket on your phone and don’t have cash on you to get the credit loaded instantly? Or perhaps it is night time and there are no retailers opened at this time to load the desired balance on your phone. Opening a website might burn the remaining bytes of your internet package. The best solution to this problem is to have a mobile application. When the results are updated on your application, they only consume a few kilobytes. Eventually, you can access the latest results without burning your internet bytes with a mobile application.

Reasons to Participate in West Bengal State Lottery

So, now that you know about the lottery and its results in detail, it is time to find out why you should participate in the first place. Of course, you have many other ways to make money and change your life. Why you should specifically pick West Bengal state lottery to change your life? Here are the top reasons:

The Payout

The first thing that should convince you to play the lottery is the size of the payout. You don’t need money to change your life. You need a lot of money to change it. With so much inflation in the country that continues to rise with time, you can’t risk saving the money in an account. By the time you withdraw the money saved in your account, its value might have been cut down significantly. What you need is instant cash, and a lot of it. That’s when lottery makes perfect sense. As stated earlier, some of the lotteries can help you win up to Rs.50,00,000. You can actually see your life change if you end up winning this amount.

The Affordability

Whenever you think about spending money to make money, you have to look at the value you are getting from the transaction. As a wise citizen, you want to spend less to get a lot of value. That’s possible with lotteries. With other types of investments, you have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. On the other hand, lottery tickets are extremely cheap and do not affect your monthly budget in any way unless you are buying too many of them. However, if you are lucky, you can win with just one ticket. If it is your lucky day and you hit the jackpot, you can win a sum as huge as Rs.50,00,000 by spending on Rs.10 or 20.

The Safety

While this is not the case in most other countries with lotteries, you do face issues with legality of the lotteries when you are in India. If the laws were straightforward about lotteries, it would not be that confusing for people to participate in them. A large percentage of states in the country puts a ban on lotteries. If you are a resident of any of those states, you can’t even think about participating in a lottery. You will do it on your own risk if you venture to do it anyway. However, the best thing about West Bengal state lottery is that it is as safe as anything in the state.

West Bengal allows lotteries and completely legalizes your participation in one. There should be no fear in your heart about getting into trouble for buying lottery tickets. Keep in mind that it is called West Bengal state lottery. what that means is that the state knows about the lottery and fully supports it.

How to Win the West Bengal State Lottery

This particular section is to help you increase your chances of winning the lottery and to protect you from the frauds as well. Let’s talk about the fraudulent activities on the internet first.

There Is Never a Guaranty of Your Win

On the internet, you will find many people trying to convince you to give them money so they can tell you some secret to win the lottery. Ignore these people wherever you see them. Lotteries are completely random and no one can ever predict their results. If these people had any way of knowing the lottery’s results, they won’t sell you the results for Rs.5,000. Instead, they will buy the tickets and take a shot at winning Rs.50,00,000 themselves. In addition to that, you might receive emails about you winning some kind of lottery.

The email will require you to provide your personal details to claim the lottery. First, you can’t win a lotter you never bought the tickets for. Secondly, you are never required to provide your personal details on email to claim any lottery tickets. Even if are asked to fill out an online form to claim your prize, you will have to go personally to collect the winnings. The lottery company will not send you a check or something else.

Taking More Chances Is the Only Way to Win

You should know by now that lottery is a game of pure luck. If you are lucky enough, the numbers that are drawn on the draw day will match those on your ticket. The only thing you can do to win a lottery is take more chances and reduce the odds that are against your win. First, you can buy many tickets rather than buying just one. Sometimes, you can even qualify for a special promotion for buying a lot of tickets. However, the main purpose of buying more tickets is to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

The other thing you can do is keep participating in the lotteries without losing hope. Yes, that sounds pretty understood but a lot of people forget his basic rule of participating in a lottery. The longer you stay in the lottery and keep buying tickets, the more chances there are that you will win something someday. It would be good to pick only one ticket on a day you are not feeling lucky. However, if there is a day when you are feeling particularly lucky, you can buy more tickets if you have the money.

Final Thoughts

So, you know a lot about West Bengal state lottery. You can go to the nearest authorized retailer to buy the ticket for the lottery. After that, you can use the online website or the mobile application to see the results. Buy more tickets to boost your chances of winning, but don’t lose hope if you don’t win anything. Keep your lottery purchases within reasonable limits. Do not make it a gamble by putting your entire day’s wage into buying tickets. Most of the lottery winners around the world buy only one or two tickets but keep buying them persistently to finally win a huge prize. Avoid getting carried away in your emotions and hurting yourself financially to buy lottery tickets.

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