The Winning SuperLotto Plus Tickets, Minus the Mega Number

Recently, there were several SuperLotto Plus tickets sold and has all the five numbers to win $19,564, each. Unfortunately, none of the tickets that had been sold came with the Mega number, meaning no one won the jackpot. One of the tickets was sold in Indio, California at a convenience store.

There was another similar ticket that had 5 numbers but missed out the Mega number, sold at a Kings Beach supermarket. The estimated jackpot prize was $30 million on Wednesday and will rise to $31 million in the Saturday draw. The winning numbers were 2, 28, 33, 34, 38 and the Mega number that they missed out on was 4.

SuperLotto Plus Winning Stories

This was the 22nd draw since the last time that a jackpot was won, with all the six numbers matching. According to the statistics and analysis conducted by the California, odds to win the lottery is 1:41,416,353. Nonetheless, there have been quite a number SuperLotto Plus winners for different draws, even if they do not hit the jackpot often. Being consistent in buying the ticket is one of the ways to increase the chances of winning bigger rewards and ultimately the jackpot. There so many stores, across California, where the tickets can be bought from.

How to Win the SuperLotto Plus Lottery

You will definitely need to buy your ticket, so as to stand a chance at winning the lottery. There are two draws held in a week; every Wednesday and Saturday and this will generate live SuperLotto Plus results. When you buy your ticket, you will get to pick 5 lucky numbers, from 1 to 47 and then pick a Mega number, from 1 to 27 on your SuperLotto Plus play slip. The computer can be used to generate the numbers for you. With the advanced play, you can enter several draws, which increases your chances of winning the lottery.

Are there Any Genuine SuperLotto Plus Winners?

In Hesperia, there is a family that pulled their funds together and bought the lottery ticket that has turned their fortunes on January 25. The family of 5, Amaparo Donaldson, Monica Petersen, Arthur Santana, Keith Petersen and Yvonne Wilkinson, has contributed $20 each to buy tickets up to the time the funds get exhausted. The winning ticket, according to the SuperLotto Plus results has matched all the 5 lucky numbers; 13, 9, 29, 27, 33 and also had the Mega number 10.

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The family declined to any media interview and has been presented with the option of taking $44.4 million as a lump sum or take the full amount of $72 spread across in 30 years. They had bought the ticket at the Cardenas Market at 15555, Main Street, Hesperia. As a result, Cardenas Market will also get a reward of $360,000 for selling this ticket.

The draws will keep coming up, and you can make up your mind to try your luck in the SuperLotto Plus, and you could be the next millionaire in town. The draw takes place once a week so you have enough to time to prepare and pick the numbers that you want.

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  • I will play and hopefully I will win but if not then that’s ok too I’ll just keep trying. Wish Me Luck


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